A variety of soil barrier problems, followed by an endless stream of soil nutrients, microorganisms, pH, salt and physical structure are complementary and organic inseparable whole. Soil acidification can lead to microbial imbalances, aggravating plate compaction, and soil salinization. Therefore, the management of soil barrier problems needs to be resolved from a comprehensive perspective so as to receive the multiplier effect.

First, attach importance to scientific application of organic fertilizer, increase soil organic matter content

Application of organic fertilizer can improve soil physical properties, enhance soil water retention and fertility and buffering, but also promote soil microbial activity, accelerate decomposition and transformation of soil nutrients, improve soil fertility. Combining the application of farmyard fertilizers, it can be used for bio-organic fertilizer, or bio-organic fertilizer, or bio-organic organic fertilizer; topdressing, flushing, or driping. This measure can effectively increase soil organic matter content and increase the activity of small molecule organic matter.

Second, increase microbial agents, increase soil beneficial microorganisms

The use of microbial agents can significantly increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the soil, maintain the ecological balance of soil microorganisms, promote the transformation and decomposition of soil nutrients, and improve soil physical properties. At the same time, beneficial microorganisms can secrete antibiotics and other antagonistic substances and inhibit the damage of pathogenic bacteria. It is recommended that the end-use or early-stage application of Shischlikon or Shilikang-Fudi should be preceded by cropping or drip-irrigation Tukangyuan, 2-3 times at intervals of 10-20 days. Among them, the co-administration of Shilikang and Tukangyuan’s microbial inoculants has an effect of 1+1 greater than 2, and several microbial agents can complement each other to achieve better disease prevention.

Third, targeted use of soil conditioners, adjust acid and alkali, improve soil structure

The growth of crops requires a suitable soil pH. If the soil acidity is too high, it will lead to a large amount of salt ions leaching in the soil, the dissolution of active aluminum ions, the activity of toxic heavy metal elements to be improved, while the bacteria breed, increase rhizosphere diseases, and seriously affect the effectiveness of nutrients in the soil. It is advisable to base or top-grade Futaiwei calcium powder or Futai Wittbine calcium or Jigu’an calcium powder. After being applied to the soil, it is necessary to plow into the soil so that the soil within the target depth is in contact with the product as much as possible to achieve an improved effect. For regions where the soil is acidic, it is recommended that the time of application be as early as possible so that Futaiwei Calcium or Tebei Calcium can fully function. In addition, during the growth period, silicon can be applied to impulsive algae fluids, which can rapidly increase the acidity of the soil according to the needs of crops and the degree of soil acidification.

Left: before soil reform, soil pH is 3.5; Right: after soil improvement, soil ph is 7.06

If the soil is too alkaline, the effectiveness of the nutrients in the soil will be reduced. It is recommended that Gushingtaiwei particulate sulfur be used to reduce the soil pH value and improve the nutrient use efficiency. After spreading, it needs to be ploughed into the soil in the plough layer, and can be mixed with compound fertilizer or trace element fertilizer to increase efficiency, and promote mixed application. It should be noted that Futaiwei particulate sulfur works best at temperatures of 15-18 °C, and it takes 2-3 weeks before it is applied to the soil. Therefore, it is recommended that it be used as early as possible. In addition, its effects are closely related to the abundance of sulfur bacteria in soil, and application of Futai Granular Sulfur can promote the proliferation of sulfur bacteria. Therefore, the longer the application period, the better the effect.

Left: application of Futaiwei particulate sulfur, soil pH is 7.82; right: without application of Futaiwei particulate sulfur soil pH of 8.15;

Fourth, balanced fertilization, according to local conditions, appropriate amount of trace elements

Trace elements in the soil have an irreplaceable effect on the balance of soil nutrients and the normal growth of crops. On the basis of scientific fertilization of a large number of elements, we must attach great importance to the application of trace elements. According to the abundance of trace elements in the soil, we choose to use Futaiwei Granules Boron or Fufeng Granules Boron or Granular Boron, Futaiwei Granules Calcium, Futaiwei Wuhe Magnesium or Impulse Liquid Magnesium, Futaiwei Wuhe or Lanthanum. Feng iron type II, Yan Feng granular zinc or Fu Tai Wei five zinc and so on.

Source: Xinhefeng Technology Center