During it’s ten years’ of development, XHF has spread its distribution business across China. It has branch companies in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and offices in Xi’an and Xinjiang. It has also established the Nanjing XHF Company, Qihe XHF Fertilizer Company and Wuhan XHF Company. Beijing XHF Agricultural product Co., Ltd also invested to specially engage in production and sale of rich-mineral nutrition agricultural products.

With the development of agricultural production, China now requires more advanced agricultural production technologies, high-quality agricultural products and efficient technology promotion processes. The agricultural production and sales enterprises have gradually become the mainstay of agricultural technology promotion in China

However, there are also problems such as the shortage of agricultural technical professionals,  unscientific technology promotion system and the increasingly unsuitable promotion methods for farmers. XHF companies adheres to the principle of  “promoting high-quality cutting-edge technology for agricultural products.” We support the concept of emphasizing advanced agricultural technology, which is fundamental to agricultural production, through the promotion of advanced production technology, according to local conditions to promote excellent agricultural products and promote rural economic development.

In order to promote and research advanced agricultural production technology suitable for agricultural production in China, Beijing XHF set up a special Beijing XHF Technology Center specializing in technical research and promotion. Technology Center has a Department of Information, R & D department, agricultural services department, technical training department, project department, the Department of Agricultural Products.  There is a total of six departments, mainly in agricultural technical information collection and completion, agricultural production technology research and promotion, product development, agricultural technology job training.

More than 20 specialized teams with professional, doctorate, master’s degrees formed the core of the technical services department and have established close relationships with China Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, Northwest A & F University, Tarim University, Shandong Agricultural University, Henan Agriculture Universitiy, Agricultural University of Hebei, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hebei Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other tertiary institutions and technical departments.  Furthermore, China Agricultural University co-sponsored the establishment of China Trace Elements Nutrition Network, promoting
China’s trace elements fertilization technology and product development and the establishment of a XHF – New Fertilizer Research and Development Center, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the  Trace Elements R & D center, the Northern Research Center of Trace Elements, the XHF – Tarim University Education Center,  R & D center and other joint technology research and promotion organizations.

After years of research, demonstration and popularization, Beijing XHF Technology Center has formed a series of advanced agricultural technologies suitable for agricultural production in China, including comprehensive soil  improvement and restoration technologies, enhanced crop self-resilience techniques and nutrient balance, management techniques, environment-friendly plant protection technology, agricultural products rich in mineral nutrition and other core technologies. In view of the actual agricultural production in various places, a number of new fertilizer products have been developed and nearly one million data of agricultural production technology have been compiled.  We made a positive contributions in information, research and promotion of a large number of high-quality and efficient agricultural production technology programs and organized a number of farmer technical training sessions throughout the country for the promotion of advanced agricultural production technology and quality agricultural products.

Under the leadership of Beijing XHF Company, Beijing XHF Center will continue to devote itself to the development and promotion of agricultural production technology in China and the development of new agricultural products. We welcome all experts to guide and cooperate in contributing to the development of China’s agriculture.