Right now, grapes in many places will produce immature fruit, this period is needed for grape roots to absorb large amounts of water from the soil and nutrient supply to the shoot to ensure that grape leaves can undergo normal photosynthesis, so the fruit can be grow to a normal size.

However, often due to soil acidification, salinization, excessive application of fertilizers in the vineyard and other issues leading to root damage, moisture and nutrient absorption blockage, especially with insufficient amount of trace elements Ca, Mg, B, Zn, etc., this leads to yellow leaves, split fruits, sunburns, gas burning, large and small grains, which seriously affect the yield and quality of juvenile fruit growth and late maturity.

To solve the above problems so that the expansion of the root system for better part of the nutrition for the ground, it is suggested you must use the Mei-Man fertilizer!

1. Use the fertilizer to improve soil structure, regulate acidity and enhance soil fertility.

Fertilizer content can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, regulate soil pH, regulate soil water, fertilizer, gas, heat and other conditions for the healthy growth of grape roots to create a good environment, to solve the “rooting is easy root problems”. The problem can be resolved, improving soil water retention and fertility, stabilizing the supply of water and nutrients around the grape root system, and prevent the occurrence of fruit splitting during the expansion period. Fertilizer content can promote the activities of soil microorganisms, promote nutrient cycling and enhance soil fertility.

2. Use the fertilizer to stimulate the physiological metabolism, rooting and promote the enlargement of fruit.

It can stimulate the apical meristem of grape cell division and growth, manifested as the main root, white root, etc., increase the ability of grape absorption of water and nutrients to ensure adequate nutrient supply later, lush foliage, enhance photosynthesis and promote grape’s fruit pre-coloring maturity; fertilizer can increase the number of enlarged parts of the cell numbers, while increasing the cell volume, is conducive to photosynthetic products and to the grain transfer and filling, thereby contributing to fruit enlargement.

3 Use the fertilizer to improve fertilizer efficiency, enhance grape absorption of key nutrients.

Soil can absorb the fertilizer like a sponge, reduce nutrient loss, and release it again for crop absorption and utilization when the crop needs it. The fertilizer and fertilizer supply are more coordinated; the content can be complexed or chelated with trace elements such as Ca, Mg, B, Zn and so on, improving the effectiveness of trace elements, which is conducive to crop absorption of these key nutrients and transport, effectively reduce the swelling period due to the lack of trace elements such as well as sunburn, yellow leaves and other issues.

4 Use the fertilizer to enhance grape resistance, to promote the healthy growth of grapes.

Fertilizer content can reduce the leaf transpiration, reduce water consumption and improve the ability of grapes to resist high temperature and drought; it can promote grape leaf thickening, increase plant growth, improve disease resistance.

5. Use the fertilizer to improve the quality of fruit.

Fertilizer content can improve the mobility of trace elements, increase the transport of trace elements from the roots to shoots, regulate plant nutrient balance, accelerate the transfer of nutrients to the fruit, promote fruit surface wax, cutin And lignin synthesis, improve grape color and surface finish.