Founded in 2002, Beijing Xinhefeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (XHF) is mainly engaged in import, distribution and technical services for high-quality pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, agricultural instruments and equipment. Since the establishment of the company, XHF has built cooperative relationships with many internationally well-known agricultural material production enterprises.

XHF adheres to the “technology as first priority” business philosophy, with emphasis on the development of green agriculture. Over the years, it has been dedicated to the research, introduction and promotion of green agricultural production technology. The company’s technical services team is made up of nearly one hundred experts with Doctorate/Master’s degrees and Bachelor of Agriculture. Furthermore, it has established close cooperative relations with scientific research institutes and technology promotion departments on various levels. XHF has carried out technical research and agricultural training cooperation with China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Northwest A & F University, South China Agricultural University, Hebei Agricultural University, Henan Agricultural University, Yunnan Agricultural University and other agricultural departments, etc., in order to provide multilevel and systematic training for basic level agricultural technicians, agricultural material distributors as well as scientific and technical household models. This forms a multidimensional agrochemical service system, with the XHF technical team as its core, dependant on technical departments on various levels and based on cooperation with partners and models in various areas.

By virtue of high-quality products and efficient team, XHF improves product sales and farmer’s income through its high quality enterprises and outstanding distributors by offering advanced technology. It guarantees the quality of its products through strict quality controls and leads in the development of “green agriculture”, contributing to a sustainable development of agriculture at home and abroad.