Guomei High Nutrient Solution

禾丰康健®果美 ( Hefeng Kangjian ® Guomei) is a high nutrient solution produced by Shandong Xinhefeng Crop Nutrition Co., Ltd.Based on the characteristics of the fertilizer, the products are carefully prepared by using the high quality nitrogen phosphate materials and the trace elements of chelate state, which can be used to supplement the nutrition of the crops, especially the potassium nutrient.This product can promote crop grouting, increase grain plumpness and grain weight, increase the yield, meanwhile promote the early fruit enlargement, advance color, increase the sweetness of the fruit, improve fruit quality and improve crop resistance and other effects.
Analysis wt/vol
Nitrogen – N 30.00%
Phosphate – P2O5 10.00%
Potassium – K2O 10.00%
Iron EDTA Fe 0.01%
Zinc EDTA Zn 0.05%
Copper EDTA Cu 0.01%
Manganese EDTA Mn 0.01%
Boron – B 0.15%
【Dosage Form】
Water Agent
【Directions for Use】
Drip Irrigation or Flood Irrigation:75-150L/Ha;
Foliar Spraying:1-6Kg/Ha.
【Registration information of Ministry of Agriculture】
Ministry of Agriculture Registration Number: Agricultural Fertilizers (2014) interim No. 3751
Implementation of Standards:NY1107-2010
【Applying Effect】