Tianle Composite Trace Element Fertilizer


康土禾丰®田乐 (Kangtu Hefeng® Tianle) is a composite trace element fertilizer produced by shandong Xinhefeng crop nutrition co.,ltd.This product is formulated according to the nutrient characteristics of the paddy soil and the fertilizer characteristics of the crop.It can be used to supplement the nutrients such as silicon, zinc, manganese and boron and other nutrients.The existence of these elements  make crop avoid unhealthy phenomena,just as poor growth, yellow leaves, premature aging, brown spots, low seed setting, shriveled kernels and shell,root decline,diseases and insect pests aggravated, quality declined and many other issues.It can promote crop tillering, increase leaf photosynthesis and mechanical strength of stem, enhance the ability of disease resistance, lodging resistance and lodging resistance of crops, and improve crop yield and quality.

product generic name

Trace element water soluble fertilizer


Zn≥6.0%;Mn≥ 4.0%;B≥0.6%; Fe≥0.05%; Cu≥0.05%; SiO2≥17.6%

【Dosage Form】




【Directions for Use】

Soil application:7.5-15Kg/Ha

It can be used as a base fertilizer and fertilizer application. Batter applied with other fertilizers.

【Registration information of Ministry of Agriculture】

Ministry of Agriculture Registration Number: Agricultural Fertilizers (2014) interim No. 8674

Implementation of Standards:NY1428-2010

【Applying Effect】