Meiman Water-Soluble Fertilizer


富泰威®美满 (Futaiwei®  Meiman) is a water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid produced by Shandong Xinhefeng crop nutrition limited company.The product is a kind of multifunctional nutrient agent which is made from the concentrated fermentation liquid produced by biological fermentation technology with seaweed and plant raw materials, and mixed with high quality humic acid and nutrient elements.They are rich in alginate, humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acids and other plant active substances and nitrogen phosphorus potassium, boron, zinc, iron and other nutrients.It can effectively improve soil pH value, improve acidified soil, reduce soil salinizatio, and reduce salt harm .In addition,the product can effectively provide crop nutrition, promote nutrient absorption, improve the rhizosphere environment, promote root development, ensure the healthy growth of crops, and improve the anti-disease performance of crops.This product does not add any artificial synthetic hormone, and it is safe to crops.


Humic acid≥30g/L

N≥100 g/L,P2O5≥50 g/L, K2O≥50g/L


【Dosage Form】

Water Agent




  1. Improve the soil and rhizosphere environment: Application of the product can increase the structure of soil aggregate, improve soil fertility, neutralize soil acidity, improve soil pH, improve the living environment of microorganisms and reduce soil-borne diseases;
  2. Fully providing nutrition;
  3. Promoting root and promoting growth;
  4. Increase the utilization rate of fertilizer;
  5. Improving the yield and quality of agricultural products.

【Directions for Use】

The product can be used for flood Irrigation , drip irrigation, irrigation and so on.

Fruits and Vegetables:Apply 45-75L/Ha during the early growth stage. Apply 75-150L/Ha during the middle and late growth stage. Better applied with high-potassium water-soluble fertilizer;

Fruit Trees:Apply 45-75L/Ha during the germination period. Apply 75-150L/Ha during the swelling stage. Better applied with high-potassium water-soluble fertilizer;

Field Crop:Apply 22.5-37.5L/Ha in the early growth stage (such as wheat 4 leaf stage and rice slow seedling stage). Better applied with phosphorus and potassium.

【Registration information of Ministry of Agriculture】

Ministry of Agriculture Registration Number: Agricultural Fertilizers (2014) interim No. 3902

Implementation of Standards:NY1106-2010

【Applying Effect】