Damaifeng Plant Calcium Extract


道迈丰® (Damaifeng) can be processed by special calcium amino acid chelate added to alpine native plants extracts – RGRN;This product can effectively strengthen and activate nutrient absorption transport pump, significantly increase nutrient uptake, balance nutrient transport, transformation and redistribution of energy.After using ,the leaf nutrition and photosynthetic efficiency can be improved, the transfering of nutrients to crop economic organs can be promoted.It is beneficial to grain filling, fruit swelling, coloring, and promoting root system development. It has the function of increasing yield, improving quality and improving the ability of crop resistance.


Amino acids≥10% Ca≥3.0%

【Dosage Form】




【Directions for Use】

Foliar Spraying90-220g/Ha,used up it within 3 hours:

Root-irrigation:Apply 1 mL per 1 Liter water

【Registration information of Ministry of Agriculture】

Ministry of Agriculture Registration Number: Agricultural Fertilizers (2012) interim No. 2310

【Applying Effect】