Natural Plant Nutrient


叶翠禾丰®源美力® (Ye Cui Feng Feng® Natural Plant Nutrient®) using natural polyglutamic acid bio-fermentation process, chelating iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron and other trace elements;They are rich in a variety of natural plant active substances and trace elements nutrition, the product can promote crop flower bud differentiation, inducing the formation of female flower, increasing fruit-bearing capacity. It has the effects of protecting flowers and fruits and reducing malformed addition, the photosynthesis of the crop is enhanced, the color of the fruit is changed, the sweetness is increased, and the quality is improved.

Product Generic Name

Trace element water soluble fertilizer




【Dosage Form】


【Directions for Use】

Foliar spraying300-1500g/Ha

【Registration information of Ministry of Agriculture】

Ministry of Agriculture Registration Number: Agricultural Fertilizers (2014) interim No. 8674

Implementation of Standards:NY1428-2010

【Applying Effect】