Source Metrix Liquid Potassium Fertilizer


源美力®钾 (Source Metrix® Potassium) is a kind of high concentrated liquid potassium fertilizer with potassium content up to 390g/L, and adopt advanced technology for compound with added humic acid, amino acids, organic material, such as alginate and boron, zinc and other trace elements.It can improve the absorption of potassium for crop use; promote the grouting, increase grain plumpness and grain weight, improve grain quality; at the same time it also can promote the early fruit color, increase fruit sugar level, improve fruit quality, yield and quality and enhance the ability of crops to resist adversity.

product generic name

Water soluble fertilizer with large amount of elements



Zn+B:5-30g/L;Zn≥3g/L B≥2g/L

【Dosage Form】

Water Agent



【Directions for Use】

Foliar Spraying:450-3000mL/Ha,sprayed on the leaf surface;

Drip Irrigation or Flood Irrigation:15-45L/Ha.

【Applying Effect】